About Us

About Us

About Bravura Kitchens

What You Can Expect from Bravura Kitchens

Bravura Kitchens was established in 2005 by Ravi Thind, a lifelong woodworker who was urged on by family and friends to turn his hobby and passion into a full-time career. Taking a leap of faith, custom woodworking was soon added to Ravi’s list of renovation services and soon enough, Bravura Kitchens was born.

Since woodworking was something we always did for fun and enjoyment, we are able to bring a level of precision and care to every job that others lack. At Bravura Kitchens, we are not only interested in providing you with the cabinetry you need, but also with cabinetry you’ll love to look at and use. Form is equally as important to us as function and no job is ever turned away for being “too difficult” or “impossible.”

Our Approach

We approach every project as the job it is. That means we start by talking to you. What does your dream kitchen or bath look like? What features do you want your cabinets to have? Is there a particular wood or color you want? Once we have an idea of the end result, we develop a plan to turn it into reality.

Only the best materials and tools are used by Bravura Kitchens. This results in a flawless final product that provides just the right look and feel to your custom kitchen design or bathroom renovation project.

Call us at 647-883-3667 for kitchen and bathroom design, custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and kitchen and bathroom renovation projects. We specialize in custom built wood and steel exhaust fans.