Custom Cabinets & Doors

Custom Cabinets & Doors


Cabinets are often the crowning jewel of a remodeled kitchen – as they should be! Cabinets take up an incredible amount of area in a kitchen making them the most prominent feature in the room. Where most of the other rooms in your house have bare walls that you can decorate as you please, kitchen wall space is usually devoted to cabinetry.

Put those cabinets to work for you in more ways than one with custom cabinets by Bravura Kitchens. Our exceptionally handcrafted cabinets blend good looks and style with functionality. Your new cabinets will enhance the look of the kitchen just as well as they meet your kitchen storage needs.

Designing Custom Cabinets With Bravura Kitchens

We love working with wood and it shows with every set of cabinets we make. Whether your style is modern, classic, or transitional, we can create cabinets that you’ll love! Our process involves:

  • Defining Your Style.
    Do you want an updated look to your current kitchen cabinet style or are you looking to completely re-do the way your kitchen looks? One of the first things we’ll do is figure out your design preferences to get an idea of the feel you want your kitchen to have.
  • Creating a Plan.
    Once we have a general idea of what you like, we’ll discuss how you use your kitchen now and how you expect that use to change in the future. This will help us determine if we should stick with a straight “replace the old with new” project or change the size of the cabinets or even the layout of the kitchen. Then we’ll draw up a plan that meets all of your needs.
  • Choosing Your Cabinets.
    Now we get to the fun part – choosing your cabinets! We’ll go over wood and finish choices, designs, styles, doors, drawers, interior features and more to design custom kitchen cabinets that not only work for your lifestyle, but also are A-grade quality craftsmanship.

Designing Custom Doors With Bravura Kitchens

In-house MDF Doors (custom)

MDF is a product that our company utilizes in designing the various pieces that we offer. We offer an ever-growing array of custom doors to help set the kitchens we craft apart from the rest. Each new door style is hand-drawn, and our team ensures that all the details are precise and to the needs of the customer. Each door style is cut and crafted using a CNC machine meaning virtually any design can be recreated by our team! These designs can be carried on to the side panels and flutes and any other accent pieces apart of the kitchen

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