Traditional and Modern

Traditional and Modern

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Cabinets are an important design consideration in any kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are highly visible features that can be used to create ambiance in the room. They should reflect your style, match the room’s décor, and provide you with the storage solution you need.

Custom cabinets by Bravura Kitchens are designed to meet those needs beautifully, whether you want a traditional design, a modern look, or need a transitional style. The challenge comes in settling on a design.


Traditional cabinets remain a popular choice for many homeowners. Functional yet elegant, traditional bathroom and kitchen cabinets combine timeless design with classy looks. When we think of traditional cabinets, the words that come to mine are Warm, Homey, and Natural. Traditional designs are easy to mix and match with your furniture, appliances, and décor items and often include soft, muted colors, or warm woods. Common styles that are considered traditional are:

  • Shaker
  • Louvered
  • Flat
  • Inset
  • Distressed
  • Beadboard

If you are unsure about the style of your kitchen or bathroom, chances are good that traditional cabinets will be the perfect choice.


Sleek, Clean, and Smooth. Those are three words typically used by customers who want modern bathroom and kitchen cabinetry. Our modern cabinet designs are bold and beautiful. Designed around your kitchen or bathroom, modern styles feature straight, bold lines, or geometric shapes and patterns. The end result is a very clean and streamlined look that fits in very well with today’s stainless steel appliances, metallic accessories, and minimalist designs.

In general, modern cabinet designs are sleeker, more angular, simpler, and have less detailing and ornamentation than traditional designs. They may feature bright and bold splashes of colors or they may be one color throughout. But just because you don’t have a modern loft home in the city doesn’t mean modern cabinet designs won’t work in your kitchen or bathroom. Modern styles are very broad and can fit well into many different home styles.


Transitional styles are the chameleons of the cabinet world. These styles merge with and blend modern and traditional classic designs into one seamless, harmonic look. They are a great choice for open floor plans and in kitchens where the homeowners want to honor past styles, but put a modern twist on them. If you want a flexible, creative design that is uniquely your own transitional cabinets can make it happen.

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